Age : / Nationality : Romanian Occupation : / ​ When I set out for this journey I had little plans but a burning idea. This was common ground for me and Rob from “The Other House”. He had a great idea but no fixed plan as to how to give it form. And that is […]


Nationality : Romanian ​ Japan was our first big adventure of the year, from a long list. Although the initial plan was to stay only for one month we were so intrigued by the culture and the people that we wanted to explore it more. Therefore, we extended our trip by one month and a […]


Age : 31 Nationality : Italian Occupation : Digital design / marketing consultant During my trip in Japan, I spent 10 days at The Other House, together with other travelers from all around the world. Rob’s personality and his love for the area where he lives made the whole experience really special, I was always […]


Nationality : American Occupation: Finance Hello, my name is Branden Noble and I am on a 2 year journey traveling the world. I sold my house, cars, left my job and sold my belongings to travel the world to find amazing and memorable experiences. Staying at the Other House was like living in a small […]


Nationality: American Occupation: Teacher My husband, Branden, and I have been traveling for the past year now. Making our way through Asia on our quest to reach each continent. During our one month trip to Japan, we spent 10 days at The Other House. What Rob has created there is truly something special. In essence, […]


Nationality: English Occupation: Freelance dance artist ​ The Other House was my first Workaway experience and I think I have been spoilt rotten! Izu Okawa is a lovely village which is beautifully peaceful and very quiet. I loved staying in Okawa and experiencing what I think is the ‘real’ Japanese way of living. From saying […]


Age: 27 Nationality: Northern Irish Occupation: Travelling Having spent my first two months in Japan mostly in cities, The Other House was a welcome change of scenery with its ocean views and relaxing atmosphere. There is so much to see and do here and Rob has many new and exciting ideas for the hidden gems […]


Age: 25 Nationality: China Occupation: App Designer ​ I had two weeks holiday in Japan and I spent 10 days in The Other House. Staying in The Other House, I had chance to meet friends sharing the same passion from all over the world. It is also a great place to meet local people and […]

Yamada-san (Taira Farm)

Yamada-san is a part time farmer who has a “day job” of being the section chief at the Higashiizu Town Chamber of Commerce. Helps the other house with his vast business advising skills as well as his knowledge about the history that has been past down at least 8 generations… also a master at making […]

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